Full Name
Derek Rine
Job Title
Vice President
David Rine Insurance
Speaker Bio
As the Benefits Practice Leader for David Rine Insurance, it has been my mission to identify creative ways to contain group health costs for my client’s year after year in spite of the rising costs associated with the industry as a whole. I entered the business about 7 years ago and grow more passionate about it every day. I do a lot more than just identifying and meeting the insurance needs of my clients. My team shows employers how to plan for the future and implement long-term strategies to offset and eliminate the compound rate increases that most businesses are faced with each year. We assist businesses in bringing more value to their companies in many respects and often times that involves assisting the HR department in becoming more efficient. We offer a number of value-added services to accomplish this goal. Our successes are mostly attributed to helping employers gain transparency with their health costs, so that we can consult them on how to manage their healthcare plan more effectively and eliminate unnecessary overspend. This includes a combination of prescription advocacy services, which allow us to source name brand and specialty medications for pennies on the dollar and elite concierge services, which direct employees to high quality, yet low cost facilities. We are proud to have been featured in local and even national publications such as Employee Benefits Advisor. Our latest success is derived from co-authoring Breaking Through the Status Quo, a powerful and disruptive book full of cutting-edge benefits strategies, which recently became an Amazon Best Seller.
Derek Rine