Full Name
Tom Dorywalski
Job Title
Business Development
Taylor Insurance Services
Speaker Bio
Starting as an entry-level agent, Tom was named Rookie of
the Year at Taylor and Runner Up Fast Start Producer of the
Year at Allstate Benefits. He quickly moved up the ladder at
Taylor Insurance, serving in account management, sales
management and technology management roles
throughout the years. Tom has been the recipient of
multiple industry awards including 2-time agency Agent of

the Year, Elite Producer Group status at Allstate and a multi-
time qualifier of Heritage Club while providing voluntary

benefits specifically designed to help people.
Tom has spent the last seven years as the primary catalyst
for Spectrum Health, an employee benefits strategy s
that enable executive teams to take a commonsense
approach to managing their healthcare costs and give
them the tools needed to treat these expenses like any
other business input - as a supply chain that can
be broken into pieces and negotiated at many different
levels to provide an optimal mix of quality and cost. By
identifying which parts of the chain to optimize and
making strategic recommendations to employer
groups, Tom guides executive teams on how to
exert greater control over how and what to change to
meet their financial goals. Executed through a variety
of health plan funding strategies, Spectrum Health
has defied trends by decreasing premiums for
employers, improving benefits for employees, and
increasing the number of employers offering
comprehensive and affordable benefits to his
target markets.
Tom Dorywalski