Full Name
Bukola Ishola
Job Title
Client Manager
Nava Benefits
Speaker Bio
Bukola Ishola is a California native with a passion for benefits. Ignited by a curiosity for benefits for employees due to personal experiences navigating a very complex and confusing healthcare system, Bukola has spent most of her career working in Human Resources and health insurance brokerage firms. Currently, she works in the Client Success team at Nava Benefits, interested in making benefits simple to understand for everyday people. Her superpower is consulting with her clients on new and innovative benefit solutions for their employees.

Outside of work, Bukola serves as a board member with Santa Barbara Education Foundation and Carpinteria Children’s Project with a dedication to equitable formal education for all students. When she is not working or volunteering, she spends time with her husband, family, friends and dog named Lando (Calrissian).
Bukola Ishola