Full Name
Christopher Antypas,
Job Title
Director of Pharmacy Solutions
Henderson Brothers, Inc
Speaker Bio
Christopher Antypas is currently serving as the Director of Pharmacy Solutions for Henderson Brothers, Inc. A native of Pittsburgh, Chris earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and has extensive experience in a variety of pharmacy practice settings. As the Director of Pharmacy, he is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of high-quality and cost-effective strategies surrounding pharmacy, wellness, and medical care. Chris brings a diverse set of thoughts and recommendations as a result of his tenure as a pharmacist, consultant, and pharmacy owner. By combining his clinical expertise with his business sense and industry knowledge, Chris is able to impact clients of all sizes.
In addition to his role with Henderson Brothers, Inc., Chris owns and operates three pharmacies in Pittsburgh, PA that each serve a unique patient population. His pharmacies include a retail pharmacy that specializes in chronic disease state management, a long-term care pharmacy that services patients residing in a facility, and a specialty pharmacy that supports patients suffering from complex conditions requiring specialty therapies.
Christopher Antypas,