Full Name
Jessica DuBois
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Jessica Du Bois is a Benefits Consultant with Business Benefits Group (BBG).

She has built her reputation and brand around her genuine care for the user experience in healthcare and benefits. Jessica believes the true value of benefits come from putting employee's first, then finding synergy through empathy, technology, and strategy.

Jessica began her career as a group insurance sales representative in Nashville, TN. After becoming inspired by the innovative approach of BBG, and the need for women in the industry, she moved halfway across the country to become a Benefit's Consultant in the Washington DC region.

In a short period of time, Jessica has found success through her strong desire to learn from the best in the industry. She thrives off of immersing herself in the latest technology and cost-containment strategies in the marketplace. Jessica’s passion continues to be fueled by her vision to improve employee’s lives while helping employer’s grow and prosper.
Jessica DuBois