Full Name
Chelsea Whalley
Job Title
Chief Operating Officer & Partner
J Donovan Financial
Speaker Bio
Chelsea came to the United States from Canada on an NCAA DI Softball scholarship. Her competitive nature and desire to lead had her top of her pre-med program and Captain of her softball team. However, a career ending concussion brought both her softball and medical school dreams to a halt.

After pursuing intense wellness initiatives and brain injury therapy, Chelsea decided to put her drive and leadership towards designing programs and fundraising for multiple non-profit organizations. For the American Lung Association specifically, she raised more money locally than any other development coordinator in the history of Orlando's event. It was during this time that Chelsea was introduced to Colonial Life, her main corporate sponsor.

Chelsea started her career with Colonial Life and quickly excelled on to become the youngest District General Agent in the company. While Chelsea loved voluntary benefits, she was deeply troubled by the tendencies of the insurance industry and the subsequent impact on employers. Chelsea grew up in a family business and wanted to do more for her clients. She needed to create a bigger impact.

Fast forward a couple of years and now as Partner of J Donovan Financial she is doing just that through strategic marketing strategies, evidence based wellness initiatives, education driven enrollments, and designing effective cost containment strategies with enhanced benefit programs.

Chelsea's passion and energy for implementing change in the employee benefits industry are infectious and is admired by both her clients and her own employees.
Chelsea Whalley