Full Name
Jeff Grocky
Job Title
Marketing Director
Speaker Bio
Jeff Grocky has a history of working with major brands in the United States and internationally. His experiences in complex marketplaces encompass everything from ecommerce growth and digital marketing strategies, to traditional advertising and public relations.

He is well-known for his ability to build and manage highly successful advertising and marketing teams that share his vision to drive revenue by strategically interlacing marketing technology, impactful messaging, and unique visuals.

From the copy and design, to automation, and PR, Jeff challenges the way companies approach marketing and advertising. He believes that successfully marketing with the latest technology still requires a significant human element. Moreover, that the ability to connect with people is the most important factor in marketing and advertising.

Jeff currently leads the Marketing Departments at LISI and CoPower, both AmWINS Companies, the most prominent general agency in California and a leading specialty administrator, respectively.
Jeff Grocky