Full Name
Ruby Ulloa
Job Title
Broker Consultant
Savoy Associates
Speaker Bio
With over fifteen years of experience in the group benefits industry, Ruby is a dedicated and knowledgeable broker consultant who assists brokers in expanding their businesses and delivering innovative solutions to their clients. Savoy Associates is a prominent benefits broker solutions and consulting firm that provides comprehensive health and specialty benefits, compliance, HR services, technology solutions, and more. Ruby champions her vision of delivering top-tier products and services that cater to the diverse needs of employers and employees. She also brings a unique perspective and skill set to the brokers and health advisors she collaborates with. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she mentors Hispanic and minority brokers to bridge cultural gaps within the benefits industry. Ruby holds the position of NABIP Miami chapter president and has been recognized with the Educator of the Year Award for her work in translating and teaching CE credit courses in Spanish.

In her role as a broker consultant, Ruby mentors’ brokers on adopting an intentional and mindful approach when designing group benefits that cater to all generations, cultures, and ethnic groups. Her expertise extends to bilingual presentation skills, relationship building, and sales strategy development. Leveraging her comprehensive understanding of benefits and insurance industry markets, products, legal environments, and a robust network of contacts, she actively acquires new brokers while nurturing existing relationships. Ruby collaborates closely with sales executives, plan administrators, and other subject matter experts to support clients and address their benefits needs effectively. She proudly identifies as a Gen Z benefits mom and advocate.
Ruby Ulloa