Full Name
Erin Issac
Job Title
Joy Benefits LLC
Speaker Bio
Erin Issac is an employee benefits consultant with a strong passion for improving the healthcare system and simplifying access to care. She started her career in the industry during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and gained experience by working in a position that exposed her to every step of the process. Erin used this knowledge to develop a new benefits department for an agency before creating her own consultancy, Joy Benefits LLC, in 2022.

As an employee benefits consultant, Erin's goal is to engage, equip, and empower every person in an organization, from the C-suite to the frontline workers. She believes the insurance system can be overwhelming and strives to help people find joy and hope in a system that should care for them.

Erin is dedicated to collaboration and mentorship across the industry with like-minded professionals. She leads the book club community, Books with Benefits, to engage people at every step and sits on a Broker Advisory board for Insurtech developers using the latest AI advances to move the industry forward.

When Erin isn’t consumed in insurance jargon and compliance complexities, she enjoys the outrageous humor and personalities of her husband and three children. They are the reason why she fights for a better tomorrow.
Erin Issac