Full Name
Solome Tibebu
Job Title
Behavioral Health Tech
Speaker Bio
Solome Tibebu is founder and CEO of Behavioral Health Tech, the largest community dedicated to advancing access to mental health and substance use services through technology, health equity and innovation. Previously, Tibebu was founding director of The Upswing Fund for Adolescent Mental Health, a philanthropic fund seeded by Pivotal Ventures. Through The Upswing Fund, Tibebu and her team funded over 100 community based-organizations and nonprofits nationwide focused on supporting the mental health of LGBTQ+ teens and adolescents of color. Today, she is co-chair of Pivotal Ventures’ council designing the next youth mental health fund. Tibebu has been a mental health advocate since she started the “Anxiety In Teens” blog at age 16. She is an Aspen Health fellow and Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute senior fellow.
Solome Tibebu