Date & Time
Monday, May 23, 2022, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Not Your Average Plan Design: Creating Change at the Right Speed for Your Client

Many employers - and brokers! -  are extremely cautious about leaving the "Big Name" carriers. When employers are in an ASO arrangement, they often believe they have done everything they can to contain their costs. Brokers and consultants tend to fall into two camps:  Those that are extremely "Status Quo" and the "mad scientists."  There aren't too many in the middle.  We need to change that for the sake of our clients. Most employers think there might better solutions; they just haven't seen them yet. It is possible to create a plan to move employers from no control - and let's be frank, even in an ASO arrangement, employers have no control - along a continuum of more control, at a pace that is a fit for their particular culture.

This session would

  • Review the five problems in the health insurance world today
  • Identify strategies that work in an ASO models... and a few that work in independent models
  • Demonstrate how to integrate those solutions into a health plan that helps employees access high-quality care as well as helps employers offer an actual benefit and contain their costs
Allison De Paoli