Date & Time
Monday, May 23, 2022, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Value-Based Insurance Design: Achieving Next Generation Transparency & Price Control

In the past, health plans have used both provider-based alternative payment models and benefit design to influence utilization, prices, and spending. However, little attention has been paid to how the supply-side incentives of these provider payment models interact with the demand-side incentives of a consumer’s benefit design. When the provider and consumer incentives are not aligned, well-intentioned initiatives to attempt to drive better value can create conflicts at the point of care. Value-based care models are already helping providers improve patient care, improve affordability, and gain transparency, but more needs to be done to facilitate their widespread adoption.  In this session, audience members will hear:

  • Considerations for cost-sharing frameworks that incentivize patients to seek low-cost, high-quality providers
  • The impact of key plan design parameters within an alternative payment model framework
  • The limitations, considerations, and challenges for integrating alternative payment models with value-based insurance design
Adam M. Finkelstein Andrew Bochner François de Brantes