Date & Time
Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 2:50 PM - 3:45 PM
Culture, Communication, and Creativity in the Now Normal

Join our industry’s most recognized benefits leaders as they tackle the hard questions surrounding the C’s in our not-so “new” normal: CULTURE, COMMUNICATION, AND CREATIVITY.

Notably, centering their conversation around the big question that progressive and forward-thinking employers ask – “what more can we do for our employees?”

As the world shifts, employers are tackling the culture conversation with a new perspective. They must lean into the tough questions around employee happiness, productivity, focus, and clarity for the stability of their organization. C-Suite Executives and HR heroes are prioritizing culture and challenging themselves to ask the question with the most impact – ‘how will our culture sustain the NOW NORMAL?’ as the world starts to, slowly but surely, open back up.

Key takeaways:

Recognize the Lasting Impact: Take a cue from Zappos and learn how to infuse culture into areas that impact employee satisfaction, acquisition, retention & total compensation. 

Take Your Communication from Blah to Ah-Ha!: Your employees should always know the value of at-the-ready benefits and company perks. Empower them with reminders of their current resources through meaningful interactions, consistency, and accessibility!

Discover the game-changers when you can’t always make sizable changes to your offerings.

Amp Up the Education: Discover the success stories and examples of how smart, savvy education has helped employers create the big (and small!) victories for their employees.

Get Creative: This is where it all comes together – knowing the tips & strategies to make the most impact. Learn creative ways to engage your multi-generational workforce with tactical ideas & simple tweaks!

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