Date & Time
Monday, August 16, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Fight or Flight: Overcome Fear (With Facts!) to Shift the Health Spend

Sutton’s law told us to go where the money is. Today, we would argue to go where the data is - to find the money. For the 2021 adviser, it’s numbers, facts and scalable data that allow you to tell a compelling story and build a strategic case. Sure enough, data led us here to make a case for this conversation. In the first annual Self-Insured Survey, more than half of the consultants reported ‘fear of change’ as the biggest obstacle for their clients to overcome – the perception that there is too much risk to their company if they are self-funded.

In this dynamic discussion, we’ll take a journey through the myths and preconceptions about alternative funding strategies in the current State of Self-Funding – as told by the perspective of nearly 300 advisers, consultants surveyed in late 2020. Alongside bright and introspective C-Suite Executives, this interactive session will go beyond the key insights to debunk (or maybe not?!) the myths of self-funding with ideas that get everyone on board:

  • Learn the Hot Data: Straight from broker responses to your ears, we’ll dissect the most insightful and useful findings from the 20+ question survey.
  • Understand What C-Suites Want: Discover what 92% of executives look for when it comes to choosing a health plan for their employees & how 74% of advisors believe they can help them get there.
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Competition: 82% of advisors identified the same top priority over the next five years – are you on-trend with them?
  • Where Do We Go From Here: Outcomes and next steps to leverage this data for agency sales and marketing.
Dave Earle Robert Wheeler