Date & Time
Monday, August 16, 2021, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
NAHU Workshop - Self-Funding Certification

Developed by experts in the market space, this 3-hour course is highly sought after by brokers/agents of all levels in their knowledge and provides practical instruction that will ensure that students understand the key technical components of Self Funding and are better prepared to counsel their clients on the various benefits of elimination of most premium tax, lowering cost of administration, claims/administration and customer service for employees.

Historically, employers have turned to the self-funding of their health plans when traditional insurance programs failed to meet their cost expectations. The many thousands of employers in the U.S. who have implemented self-insured medical programs later discovered the other advantages such as coverage flexibility and client-specific benefit plan administration. Self-funding is one of the most effective ways
employers can control the rising costs of healthcare coverage. In understanding self-funding as a concept and how it differs from fully insured products, this course will help provide in detail how it all works and proven methods for communicating this option to employers and employees in a compelling way.

The NAHU Self-Funded Certification course for classroom study:

  • Self-funding – What Is It and Why Is It Growing In Popularity?
  • ERISA and Self-funding
  • Comparison of Plan Funding Options
  • Stop-loss Terms and Concepts
  • Stop-loss Claims Submission and Payment
  • Renewal Practices and Philosophy
  • Plan Administration and the Future of Self-Funding

Speaker: David C. Smith, Vice President for Compliance and Risk Management - EbenConcepts