Date & Time
Wednesday, May 1, 2024, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Innovating Beyond Traditional Carriers: Crafting Tailored Health Insurance Solutions

The world of brokers and consultants is polarized, divided into those who adhere to the "Status Quo" and the "mad scientists" looking for innovative solutions. Unfortunately, those with a balanced approach are rare, and it's time for a shift to serve our clients better. Despite employers' intuition that more effective solutions exist, the uncertainty of abandoning a known network for an unfamiliar alternative deters action. This caution highlights a significant challenge: moving employers from a state of passive management—in truth, employers wield little control in standard ASO setups—to actively steering their health plans towards greater autonomy and tailored solutions.

This session will tackle this issue, and provide a deep dive discussion into: Addressing the Top Three Challenges in Today's Health Insurance Landscape; Exploring Effective Strategies for ASO and Independent Models; and Crafting Tailored Health Plans. Attendees will walk away with strategies for customizing health insurance plans that meets each client's unique needs without overburdening their internal resources. This approach promises a more balanced and controlled way for employers to navigate the complexities of health insurance, moving beyond the "Big Name" carriers towards a solution that truly fits.

Allison De Paoli Kristine Scheer Robin Flaherty
Location Name
Crest 3