Date & Time
Monday, April 29, 2024, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
NABIP Workshop: Voluntary Worksite Certification Course

This course was created by leading experts in the Voluntary Benefits sector. From a key group of contributors, comprised of a team of professionals that are passionate about the Voluntary Benefits industry, this course provides key technical and actionable practices driving innovation and creative sharing of information serving a wide range of client needs.

Course Hour 1: Overview & Need
  • Considerations in Voluntary / Workplace sales?
  • Definitions - Workplace, VB, Supplemental, EWB, EVB, etc. 
  • Brief Overview of Market Statistics
  • Driving Forces of Voluntary Benefits
  • Products and Trends
Course Hour 2: Contract Differences & Enrollment
  • Group vs Individual
  • Vendor Selection
  • Platforms
  • Employee Engagement
Course Hour 3: Implementation/Administration & Compliance
  • Administration
  • Licensing
  • Compensation
  • Tax
  • Billing
  • Taxation
  • Claim Integration

Instructors: Jack Holder President, EBIS and Trevor Garbers Voluntary Advantage 

*additional fee and registration required.

Trevor Garbers Jack Holder