Date & Time
Monday, May 8, 2023, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
3 Mega Trends in Employee Benefits – And What They Mean for Brokers

Businesses across the country have never been more challenged. First, it was COVID-19, then the Great Resignation and quiet quitting. All of these challenges and more continue to make it difficult for companies to attract and retain talent. And to make matters worse, Gen Z and millennials are less likely to be convinced than their generational predecessors by wages alone. But these challenges also provide an opportunity for benefits brokers to help their clients offer the best possible employee benefits packages – improving talent acquisition and retention in the process.

In this panel discussion, attendees will learn:

  • Three mega-trends that are shaping employee benefits;
  • How these trends impact the benefits products desired by employees today and benefits products that will be popular in the coming years;
  • Why it’s important for brokers to tailor benefits products to what their clients’ workforce wants and needs;
  • Actionable strategies brokers can use right away for more customized benefits packages.
Josh Butler Brian Whorley Alex Frommeyer Kimberly Eckelbarger
Location Name
Hanover E