Full Name
Allison Cohen De Paoli
Job Title
ALTIQE Consulting
Speaker Bio
Doesn’t it make you crazy when you know there is a better way to do something and you want to scream your head off until everyone else knows it too?  That is how Allison De Paoli feels about healthcare, health insurance and employee benefits.

Her clients are able to:
Control their costs (supply chain management)
Offer access to quality care (quality assurance)
Eliminate much of the waste fraud and abuse inherent in most benefits plans (audit provisions)
And she wants to make sure other employers can do the same.

A veteran of the insurance and benefits industry, Allison began her career in the Greater Washington DC area and later moved to Florida to work in her family’s employee benefits firm. After moving to Texas, she moved to the voluntary benefits side as a top 1% producer and expanded into a full-service enrollment firm before transitioning back to the advisor side.
Allison Cohen De Paoli