Full Name
Bret Brummitt
Job Title
Managing Partner
A.G. Insurance Agencies, Inc.
Speaker Bio
A Broker of the Year finalist in 2018 for BenefitsPro Magazine, Bret Brummit brings tremendous value to both his clients and the industry, helping people develop the confidence to see beyond the problem at hand and start to re-imagine their goals. As Managing Partner of A.G. Insurance in Fort Worth, TX, and a contributing voice to leading industry organizations, he has many opportunities to share his deep insight into the intersection of healthcare, culture, and technology. He works tirelessly to end the erosion on middle class wages that healthcare created in the last 20 years, while also improving operational efficiencies for the employers. Developing software integrations to streamline the flow of data, he helps both his employers and their employees feel comprehensively improved outcomes.
Bret Brummitt