Opening Keynote: Digital Leadership: Becoming the Disruptor vs. the Disrupted
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Erik Qualman
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Leaders in the Exponential Age are made—not born. We are living in the golden age of data and disruption, and the key to winning is grasping the 5 Habits that all successful leaders practice to achieve success and happiness. Embracing these habits will help you become more productive, reduce stress and drive success. With pioneering video-storytelling techniques, this motivating message from Erik Qualman is entertaining, educating, and empowering.
What you'll learn:
  • Current and future trends that will impact your book of business
  • Digital leadership practices that allow brokers to be cutting edge vs. bleeding edge 
  • The delicate harmony of offline and online initiatives for your customers, employees, and stakeholders
  • Habits that will allow you to be the disruptor vs. the disrupted like failing fast, failing forward, and failing
Keynote Speaker: Erik Qualman, Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author